Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Visibility Solutions

Successful coalitions possess high visibility and name recognition, which is fundamental for garnering ongoing community and financial support. Community members and funders are more likely to support initiatives that are visible. Visibility can be achieved through branding, consistent dissemination of marketing messages, partnerships with the media, promoting coalition activities through various media outlets, and coordinating events with the activities of existing initiatives already visible and respected by community members.

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    Brand Your Coalition

    Branding is about creating an identity for your coalition. Your coalition should have a recognizable brand, which means that when people see your coalition’s name or logo, they know what you do and that you do it well. MORE

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    Market and Promote Your Coalition

    Marketing and promoting your coalition is about finding ways to consistently get the word out about your coalition—who you are and what you do. It is the way you get people to support your coalition, utilize its services, and attend your events. Marketing and promotion efforts should be linked with branding to ensure that your efforts reinforce your identity.MORE

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    Build Media Relations

    Media coverage is a great way to draw attention to your coalition. Establishing relationships with media outlets can lead to free advertising opportunities, public service announcements, and more. MORE