Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Capacity Solutions

Quick Tips
  • Encourage LHD contact with their state's CCC coalition chair
  • Promote sponsorship and funding opportunities
  • Facilitate regional CCC coalition planning efforts
  • Align local level priorities with state CCC Plan
  • Send state CCC coalition representatives to local coalition events and meetings
  • Plan joint CCC activities
Tools & Resources

Encourage Local Health Departments to Partner with State CCC Coalitions

LHDs leading local CCC efforts can expand their partnerships and resources for cancer prevention by partnering with their state’s CCC coalition. One way LHDs can partner with state CCC coalitions is to align local cancer prevention efforts with the statewide priorities for cancer prevention outlined in their state’s CCC plan.

Some state CCC coalitions, fund networks of smaller “sub coalitions” that operate at the local level. These groups consist of regional coalitions, statewide resource committees, and other local partners that work together to plan local activities that address state cancer plan goals. Other state CCC coalitions use a less formal approach, identifying local partners and stand-alone coalitions and co-sponsoring or supporting their work and obtaining information about local priorities from them.

State CCC coalitions support the work of local coalitions in many ways including helping identify speakers for coalition events, sponsoring marketing efforts, and providing technical assistance to support assessment, strategic planning, and evaluation.

Encourage LHDs to forge a relationship with their state CCC coalition by contacting the coalition chair to find out how to (1) participate in regional efforts; (2) participate in planning forums to provide input; and (3) leverage funding and sponsorship opportunities, if available, from the state coalition.

Explorative Questions

  • Who are the LHD liasions in my state?
  • What funding does my state have available to support local CCC activities?
  • What are the technical assistance needs of LHDs?
  • What technical assistance does our state coalition provide to local partners in CCC?
  • What opportunities are there to participate in state CCC coalition planning efforts?
  • What are the priorities of our local health department partners and how do they align with the state cancer control plan?
  • How can we align our local coalition's priorities with the state CCC plan?
  • What opportunities for collaboration with LHDs exist?
  • Whom from our state CCC coalition should we send to attend local CCC events?