Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Cross-Coalition Collaboration

Quick Tips
  • Identify regional opportunities to become involved in chronic disease prevention and CCC
  • Contact the chair of your state's CCC coalition to identify regional planning opportunities
  • Start a chronic disease prevention coalition or task force that serves as a coordinating body for multiple regional coalitions that address chronic disease risk factors
Tools & Resources
  • Find Your State Cancer Coalition Chair
  • Success Story: Cross Coalition Partnership for Chronic Disease Prevention in Austin/Travis County, TX

Take a Regional Approach

Facilitation of cross coalition coordination can be enhanced by participation on regional chronic disease prevention and CCC coalitions or steering committees comprised of members from multiple jurisdictions that participate in local coalitions addressing various chronic diseases.

Contacting the chair of your state,s CCC coalition is a good place to start looking for regional opportunities to collaborate on CCC. Some state CCC coalitions, fund networks of smaller "sub coalitions" that operate at the local level. These groups consist of regional coalitions, statewide resource committees, and other local partners that work together to plan local activities that address state cancer plan goals.

You can also start an umbrella chronic disease prevention coalition or task force, that convenes various chronic disease prevention coalitions across your region on a quarterly basis to address risk factors that prevent cancer and a realm of other chronic diseases. This is a good way to identify partnership opportunities across multiple partners and jurisdictions to address chronic disease risk factors.

Explorative Questions

  • What opportunities exist to collaborate with chronic disease prevention partners outside of the cancer community?
  • What opportunities exist to participate in regional CCC planning efforts?