Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Stakeholder Engagement Solutions

Quick Tips
  • Assess resource needs
  • Identify potential stakeholders
  • Foster a diverse group of stakeholders
Tools & Resources
  • Recruitment Worksheet 1:
    Identifying Community Partners by Sector
  • Recruitment Worksheet 2:
    Identifying Community Partners by Resource Needs
  • Recruitment Letter Template
  • How and Where to Recruit Stakeholders
  • Recruit the Right Players

    Successful coalitions are strategic about the partners they engage in their CCC efforts. Being strategic about stakeholder recruitment means selecting partners that share mutual goals and can provide the needed expertise, links to the desired target audience, and resources to advance cancer priorities. For example, primary care practitioners are key players to include in CCC efforts because they can provide clinical data on care/treatment to assist in coalition efforts. Recruiting partners from the media could result in free advertising.

    Here are some ideas for recruiting stakeholders that are a good fit for your coalition:

    • Determine coalition resource needs and identify individuals in the community that might be a good fit for your coalition.
    • Consider potential stakeholders from different sectors that share mutual goals and can meet resource needs.
    • Determine which organizations serve your target audience to gain direct access to the population you want to reach.
    • Consider non-traditional partners to infuse a diverse perspective.

    Some suggestions for coalition members include:

    • Members from the state CCC coalition;
    • Healthcare organizations, including hospitals and providers;
    • Cancer organizations, such as the American Cancer Society;
    • Non-traditional partners, including faith-based organizations, businesses, and academic institutions;
    • Cancer survivors; and
    • Youth.

    Explorative Questions

    • What resources and expertise do we need on our coalition?
    • What are the gaps in our current membership?
    • Whom can we recruit from different sectors to meet our resource needs?