Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Quick Tips
  • Consolidate chronic disease prevention efforts
  • Focus on risk reduction
  • Partner across sectors to implement policy, systems, and environmental change strategies that address chronic disease risk factors
  • Coordinate with other disease-specific prevention coalitions on regional efforts to reduce chronic disease risk factors

Integrate CCC Coalition Efforts with Other Chronic Disease Prevention Efforts Across Jurisdictions

As LHDs and local coalitions prepare to address the cancer burden in their communities, they must consider how cancer control fits into the broader realm of chronic disease prevention.

The morbidity and mortality of most cancers and other chronic diseases can be prevented by working with multi-sector partners to implement policies, systems, and environments (PSE) that protect the health of individuals, provide access to preventive clinical services, and make healthy lifestyle choices the default.

Integrated chronic disease prevention has the biggest potential to help LHDs maximize limited resources to make a significant impact on cancer and many other chronic diseases affecting their communities.

Some LHDs have integrated their chronic disease prevention efforts by consolidating multiple chronic disease prevention units (e.g., tobacco, nutrition, cancer, CVD) into one that focuses on reduction of chronic disease risk factors (physical activity, tobacco prevention, nutrition, and obesity reduction) through implementing PSE strategies.

Local CCC coalitions can follow this trend by broadening their focus from cancer prevention to chronic disease risk factor reduction. Coordinating with other disease specific coalitions (e.g., tobacco, asthma, and obesity reduction coalitions) across jurisdictions can help advance a regional approach to cancer prevention focused on risk factor reduction.

Explorative Questions

  • What opportunities exist to consolidate chronic disease prevention efforts?
  • What PSE strategies are feasible to implement?
  • What cross-sector partners should be included in our efforts and what is their role?
  • What other partners and coalitions are addressing chronic disease risk factors in alignment with our cancer priorities?