Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Stakeholder Engagement Solutions

Quick Tips
  • Include partners across multiple sectors and the cancer continuum
  • Expand partner base beyond healthcare/public health providers and cancer organizations
  • Involve cancer survivors and youth as coalition members
Tools & Resources
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Foster Diversity among Stakeholders

The CDC recommends that stakeholders recruited for CCC program efforts represent diverse perspectives and sectors. Such diversity can help broaden the scope of input that allows for the development of dynamic ideas and solutions for preventing cancer. To achieve diversity, local coalitions should include partners from multiple sectors across the cancer continuum.

LHDs leading local CCC coalitions should foster opportunities to expand their partner base beyond healthcare providers, community, and cancer organizations to increase the diversity of the sectors represented in local CCC efforts. Such partners should include faith-based organizations, businesses, and academic institutions. Cancer survivors and youth should also be engaged as stakeholders in local CCC coalition efforts because they provide a direct link to the audience targeted in prevention efforts: community residents, cancer survivors, and parents.

Explorative Questions

  • What are the gaps in our membership?
  • What opportunities exist to increase the diversity of our membership?
  • How can we target youth and providers?