Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Cross-Coalition Collaboration

Because community mobilization is a core function of public health, many LHDs participate in multiple disease-specific coalitions. Effective coalitions integrate or “cross-fertilize” the work of their coalitions with other initiatives and collaborative groups that are working toward the same goals. Cross-coalition collaboration reduces the number of meetings that stakeholders have to attend, avoids duplication of efforts, and fosters resource sharing among coalitions. Regionalizing coalitions and broadening their scope of activities from cancer prevention to chronic disease prevention can stimulate cross-fertilization.

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    Broaden your Focus

    Cancer is one of four chronic diseases that can be prevented by reducing key risk factors, including obesity, poor eating habits, and smoking. Focusing your CCC efforts around these modifiable risk factors will not only impact the cancer burden in your community but also reduce the impact of other chronic diseases, while helping you tap into additional resources and partners that can strengthen the capacity of your coalition. MORE

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    Take a Regional Approach

    Facilitation of cross-coalition coordination can be enhanced by participation on regional chronic disease prevention coalitions or steering committees comprised of members from multiple jurisdictions that participate in local coalitions addressing various chronic diseases. MORE