Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Strategic Planning Solutions

Quick Tips
  • Understand your target audience
  • Focus on impact
  • Tell a story
  • Use infographics
  • Make it clear, relevant, and credible
Tools & Resources

Communicate Data Effectively

Good evaluation data is of no use if people cannot understand it. Sharing your data with others means translating it into a language that they can understand and communicating it in a way that engages them in your cause. Use your data to clearly articulate a story that paints a picture of the cancer burden in your community and the impact of your coalition in effecting change.

Devices such as storytelling and use of infographics can make data compelling and easier to understand. You can also use narrated PowerPoint presentations and anecdotal stories to share data in a compelling way. Before organizing and sharing data, consider the characteristics of your target audience and determine the best way to present data to them in a way that is credible, relevant, and clear. Determine the best language and style to present data to your audience. For example, the general lay audience may not understand terms frequently used by the scientific community.

Explorative Questions

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What message do we want to convey?
  • What storyline can be used to convey the message?
  • What channels are best to disseminate the data?
  • How can we present the data in a way that is clear, relevant, and credible to this audience?