Local Comprehensive Cancer Control Toolkit
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Visibility Solutions

Quick Tips
  • Identify media outlets that reach our target audience
  • Determine which reporters would be interested in your story
  • Frame your story in a way that is newsworthy
  • Initiate ongoing communication with media outlets via one-on-ones, news releases, and other media communications devices

Build Media Relations

Media coverage is a great way to draw attention to your coalition. Establishing relationships with media outlets can lead to free advertising opportunities, public service announcements, stories, and more. Effectively building relationships with the media requires understanding their interests and how they communicate. To start enhancing relationships with the media outlets in your community, identify specific reporters to target and determine their audience and issues of interest. There are many ways you can communicate with the media, including one-on-one meetings with reporters, news releases, newsletters, and letters to the editors. Prior to meeting with the media, it may help to think about how to frame the story you want to promote in a way that is relevant to the reporter and his/her audience. Provide brief snapshots of data and facts by using fact sheets and issue briefs. In some cases, media representatives may agree to serve on your coalition as a formal partner in your health and wellness initiatives.

Explorative Questions

  • What media outlets reach our target audience?
  • What reporters would be interested in covering stories about our coalition?
  • How can we frame our story in a way that is newsworthy?
  • What fact sheets and issue briefs support our story?
  • Is there an opportunity to establish a formal relationship with the media to enhance our coalition initiatives?